Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Candy Jar

This candy jar idea is perfect for Easter and other occasions like birthday parties and the best will only cost you about $5. Below are the list of materials you will need to make it.

-flower pot
-flower pot base/plate
-round glass vase (you can probably find at the dollar store)
-wooden knob (Wal-mart or any craft store)
-glue like E6000 (should be waterproof)
-paint (acrylic, spray, ceramic....)
-clear coat (in my case I used Mod Podge)

All you need to do is paint the pot, base and knob with the desired color. Apply the clear coat. Glue the glass vase to the pot and then glue the knob to the bottom side of the plate and Viola! You have a cute candy jar.