Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here is a tutorial for the tulle topiary I posted earlier. Like I had mentioned on that post, this was inspired by a picture I saw on pinterest which unfortunately did not come with any kind of tutorial . What you will see here is just something I came up with and may not necessarily be the right way of making it but this is what worked for me.

-flower pot (got this one at the dollar store)
-4" styrofoam ball
-floral styrofoam (the one I used which I also got from the dollar store was an exact fit to my pot although I'm sure you can use any other kind of styro just not the econofoam which tends to crumble and just make a mess)
-5/16 wooden dowel - I bought a 36" and cut in half making it 18"
-1 roll of light pink tulle
-1 roll of bright pink tulle
-ball pins
-1 sheet of tissue paper
-ribbon for the bow

1. Place the floral styrofoam in the pot, stick one end of the dowel through the styrofoam ball, about half way and stick the other side in the center of the foam.

2. Cut the tulle into 8 inch strips. You will need about 65 strips of each color.

3. Grab one of each color, put them together, twist it in the center a few times, fold it in half and stick the pin in the center.

4. Stick it on the styrofoam ball. I usually start on the top although I dont think it really matters where you start. Repeat step 3 and place pins about an inch apart. I didn't follow any kind of pattern and just stuck the pins anywhere I felt  it should go.

5. Cover styrofoam in the pot with tissue paper.

6. Latly, tie your ribbon around the dowel and make a bow.

and you're done!


  1. Adorable! Thank you!

  2. I am making one for a baby shower and a styro ball was $15.99 so I used rolled up newspaper covered with plastic grocery bag. Worked wonderfully

    1. In know this tutorial is old but I'm hoping you see this and answer lol. How did you pin the tulle onto the plastic bag and balled up newspaper?

    2. Maybe she glued it? Idk just a thought. I hope she does reply!

  3. Hello How many Topiary Trees were you able to make using the tools listed above.. I'm planning to create 6 could you give me some advise as far as how much Tulle to purchase and what size

  4. I feel like if you did a flutter ball made if tissue instead it might be more affordable.