Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette (z palette dupe)

As I was going through all my makeup, I realized that I had so many eyeshadows, particularly single ones, that I have not used in so long. The whole reason for this was because they were all buried in my drawers. It just seemed like grabbing my bigger palettes was so much easier to do than looking through all my single shadows to find the color I wanted. I decided to look online for empty makeup palettes and came across the  Z-palette. They are basically empty palettes with a magnetic base inside to hold your single shadows. The thing that makes this different from other palettes is that it has a clear window in the front so you can see whats inside. I thought that was pretty cool and it was exactly what I needed......well, that was until I saw the price. It's $20 for the large one and $28 for what they call the PRO, which is just a tiny bit bigger than the large. I was for sure gonna need more than one and there was no way I was gonna be able to justify spending that much money on "empty" palettes so I just decided to make it.

I started by looking for some kind of base I can use so I wouldnt have to make it from scratch (although I do have a tutorial on that too that I'll be posting soon) and this is what I found. My old elf palette.

 I didnt care for the shadows in this palette so I didnt mind taking it apart. I cut the foam holding the shadows out with my xacto knife and left the sides to create a frame.

I then measured and cut my magnetic sheet that I got at my local craft store and glued it on.

Next is making the window on the cover. I measured the size of the window, or at least tried to, using my daughters circus stencil ruler and cut it out. (Its amazing how I have every craft tool you can dream of but could not find a decent ruler in my house!)
I chose to use packaging tape to cover the palette because one, I had some just sitting on my table from when I bought it at the store for 75% off and two, it would make things so much easier since I would'nt have to apply any kind of glaze unlike if I used paper then I would have to seal it. I also found that this tape worked best for me since I kept on messing up and had to take it out a few times and restick.
(If you're wondering why there is a seam on my magnetic sheet, it's because
the piece I had left was too small so I had to use two pcs)
Next I cut a transparent sheet that I also got at the craft store a long time ago and taped it to the inside of the window.

I then covered the rest of the palette with tape including the backside and I was done. This palette already had a magnetic closure so there was no need to add one.
Here is another palette that I made out of my Lauren luke palette.
This one didnt have any magnets to close it so I just added a piece of ribbon with velcro. I would have added a magnetic closure but my magnet was not strong enough. On the inside I also had to cut foam strips to serve as the frame.
Hope you guys liked this tutorial. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.


  1. this is so going on my pinterest!

  2. wow this is so cool! I've been looking for a DIY Zpalette and landed on your blog! thanks for sharing this. ^_^

    1. You're welcome! I just checked out your blog. You got lots of good stuff.

  3. Replies
    1. oh thank you so much! I'll be posting an updated magnetic palette tutorial very soon.

  4. Way easier way plus totally free or $5 bucks if you don't have supplies avail - Grab free DVD/cd cases online (companies are always giving away info on their company/products and a lot of the time it is in the form of a cd dvd - I found one that I was able to get 20 free DVDs so the cases become palettes and cd dvd becomes another craft project lol love free!) DVD case is already covered in plastic so either slide in a piece of wrapping or craft paper or cover w contact paper from dollar tree or cut window cover duct tape dollar store - forget expensive magnets - hot glue gun way better - the pans easily pop right out ! I re use my pans! Cd crystal cases aren't bad either but pans have to be thin I prefer DVD cases. I also buy paint palette boxes w cover they go for around $3-10 & when my lipsticks are no longer usable I use back of spoon scoop out the rest & flatten it into a paint slot - once I fill all the slots I put in microwave to liquify & makes smooth & looks brand new lip palette! So cool i love it!

    1. Plus my palettes are huge compared to most!

  5. OMG I just gave my Elf book of shadows away! I could have so used that as my base! I just did a z-palette diy and loved the result, so I actually ended up doing a quick blog post about it too. But my deppoting skills need some SERIOUS help. I'm borderline traumatized to have butchered so many shadows in the process :(