Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette - Tutorial Update

I decided to make another magnetic makeup palette so I could condense all my LORAC palettes into 1.  
If you've been following my blog then you've probably seen my tutorial on how to make your own "z palette".
This time I needed to make a bigger palette  and so I came up with the idea of using my daughter's old book.
          from this....
                                                                                      to this!
For the materials, you will need:
-hardcover book (thickness should be the same as that of the foam)
-printed packaging tape
-sheet of black foam  
-magnetic sheet
-transparent sheet
-xacto knife
1. I start by cutting out the pages of the book since we will only need the cover.

2. Measure and draw the window.

3. Cut out the window with your knife.

4. Place a strip of tape in the center to cover the crack where the pages used to be.
5. Next is cut your magnetic sheet. I placed one side of the book on top of my sheet as a guide. I decided to cut it a little smaller to leave room for my foam strips but this is optional since you can always glue your foam on top of your magnet too.

6. I then cut my foam into about 1cm strips (just eyeballed it) and then cut it based on the length and width of the back side of the book.

7. I then glued the magnetic sheet and foam using my fabric glue. (this is what I like to use on most of my projects even when its not fabric because it holds up pretty good but you can also use craft glue or your glue gun)

8. Next, I covered the edges of the window with tape by overlapping it and folding it over to the other side.

9. I then cut my transparent sheet  to put over the window. I used the piece I cut out for the window as my guide and just added about an inch extra on each side.
9. Now you can tape the transparent sheet  over the window.


10. Now cover the rest of the book with tape.


 11. Almost done. Now cut a strip of ribbon long enough to be used as a flap to close the palette ( probably  around 2 - 3 inches) and then attach one end to the backside of the palette by taping it.

12. Cut two 1 inch squares out of the left over magnetic strip and then place one on the front side of the palette where the ribbon flap is suppose to close and cover it with tape. Lastly, glue the other square on the ribbon.


...and you're done! I took a picture of this palette with one of the palettes from my first tutorial so you can see the difference in size.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Pls feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Thank you!



  1. Thanks for the tutorial!! Do you remember what brand of magnetic sheet you used? I wanna make one of these, but it looks like some of the sheets aren't as strong as others and I worry about my makeup falling out.

  2. how do you remove the makeup from the original packaging without it breaking?

  3. I saw somewhere that you take a lighter and hold it to the bottom of your palette for like 20 seconds and it heats the glue and plastic so you can push the pan out from the bottom

  4. HI!

    Where did you buy the foam, magnet sheet, and printed tape?

    Gosh, I looked everywhere but I wasn't able to find those things! I checked National Bookstore, DIY Shop, ACE Hardware, and every hardware / home & office supply shop and no one knew where I could get them. :(

    1. Michaels arts and crafts has all that stuff

    2. Try a craft store not a hardware store - like hobby lobby or Michaels or Joann fabric - all available online Walmart sells everything as well and so does ebay very easy to find as for a book to use dollar store - or use a DVD case hot glue gun the pans in (pop out easy) flip outside paper to plain side & decorate or slip in a piece of craft or wrapping paper - or since covered w plastic already cut a window & wrap in duct tape from dollar store

  5. I want to make this too! Yey! so excited! Thanks for sharing this! Been reading your blog since earlier. Love it! :)

  6. Best DIY palette I've seen so far because it seems sturdy and requires very little cutting...I want to try making one!

  7. This is such a good idea!!! Deffo gonna be doing this soon