Monday, March 5, 2012

URBAN DECAY NAIL & SHADOW KITS - Review and Swatches

It looks like Urban Decay will be having a big sale some time soon (details have not been released yet) so I thought of doing a quick review on two of their items that I have been recently loving. The first one is their Holiday Nail Kit that was given to me by my awesome cousin Kathrine.
This set includes 6 mini bottles of really cool shades of nail polish. It's on sale on their site for $19.00 (reg. $28) and might even be cheaper with the upcoming sale. I love all the colors and I do think that the size of the bottle is just right since I don't recall finishing a regular sized bottle of nail polish ever. The picture below shows 3 coats of each color.
Barlust (deep shimmery brown); Hot Mess (sparkling fuchsia); Mars (shimmery emerald green); Gunmetal (shimmery deep grey),  Wrecked (deep burgundy), Ziggy (gold w/iridescent sparkle)

 I decided to combine two of the colors from the kit and this is what I came up with. This is 2 coats of gunmetal and a coat of ziggy on top.

Now moving on to the 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash. I had mentioned this on a recent post and said that this kit is on sale right now on their site for $12
(reg $34).
 Delinquent (dark purple w/bright purple sparkle), Rehab (taupe), Juju (frosted taupe),  Sin (shimmering champagne), Clash (bright turquoise w/silver sparkle)

These pencils are highly pigmented and the staying power is just unbelievable. The application on the other hand is not as great. It's not bad by any means but it just doesn't glide as smoothly compared to other cream shadows. There is a very slight tug when you apply it directly on the lid but you can always warm the product up with your fingers before applying. I also find myself using these on my lower lash line a lot. I dont get any smudging and it saves me the trouble of having to put a liner and setting it with a shadow after.

 Rehab (taupe), Juju (frosted taupe),  Sin (shimmering champagne), Clash (bright turquoise w/silver sparkle),  Delinquent (dark purple w/bright purple sparkle)

All in all I think these are two really good kits and are both worth the money. Pls. feel free to leave comments or ask questions. Thanks!

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